Case Study: The TeaBook Finds a New Home With ReadySpaces

Case Study: The TeaBook Finds a New Home With ReadySpaces

What is The TeaBook?

The TeaBook was founded by Noah Bleich and is a zero-waste novelty tea brand that uses its products to educate people about historical figures who have added positivity to the world. They are currently based out of the ReadySpaces Downtown LA facility and are quickly expanding their product line.

After a rather large mishap at their previous base of operations, Noah was hard-pressed to find an economical, environmentally sustainable solution.

The Problem

Back in 2017, Noah was renting a storage space in a loft in Downtown LA. Shortly after getting started in this space, the building caught on fire, which ultimately resulted in Noah having to find another space to grow his business. With no place to go, he quickly began his search for space online.

“The place above us caught fire. Then the Fire Marshal came in and said ‘You guys have to get out of here.’ I said, ‘Where am I going to go? I can’t afford a 10,000 Sq Ft warehouse, I’m a little company!’  That’s when I found ReadySpaces.”

With a new home for his business, Noah was able to put his focus back into growing his product line, rather than continue to scramble.

The Solution

Noah occupied a small space, he started to take advantage of the amenities offered, allowing him to scale his business, his way.

“They provide everything I need to run my business like forklifts that would probably cost me $20,000. ReadySpaces provides forklifts and loading docks that make delivery much easier, eliminating any extra delivery fees. ReadySpaces creates an overhead fixed cost for us in terms of electricity cost, internet cost, and so on. They have helped me scale my business.”

He has also been able to create new relationships with other business owners in the facility.

“Other occupants at the location are very friendly and always get my deliveries when I am unavailable.”

The Result

With his new flexible space, Noah has been able to expand his product offering, using his teas to educate people about historical facts with newer series and variety packs. 

“ReadySpaces’ fixed cost helped us pivot into wholesale and get into more stores, gift shops & museums.”

Prior to COVID, the TeaBook had 20 wholesale customers, which has now grown to almost 300. Noah has also been able to bring in new artists for his tea series’, all while maintaining his commitment to being a zero-waste company. 

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