Case Study: Inferno Effects finds a new home to grow their business

Inferno Effects finds a new home to grow their business

Inferno Effects' booth at Transworld's Halloween and Attractions Show

What is Inferno Effects?

Inferno Effects is a company founded in 2014 by Adrien Noriega, a special effects artisan, and is focused on making hyper-realistic masks and other artifacts for the haunted attraction industry.

These masks aren’t what one would typically pick up at a store, but rather customized, durable, breathable, and built to last multiple nights of terrifying patrons at haunted attractions.

A lifelong fan of horror and Halloween, Adrien was in the entertainment business for six years, primarily working on sets and in production before leaving to start his own company.

“I’ve always been a fan of Halloween, making scary monsters, mazes, etc. One day, someone asked if I wanted to make a mask. I did, and then I started making a bunch of masks on the side.”

The Problem

When Adrien first started, he worked out of his mother’s garage. His business multiplied as he began to gain recognition for his work via industry trade shows and online. During the pandemic, the haunted attraction industry was at a stand-still, so Adrien used this time as an opportunity to build his brand on Instagram and TikTok, which quickly grew to an audience of over 300,000 people.

When restrictions began to be lifted, and attractions were able to re-open, people came back in droves, which meant unprecedented demand for his products.

“Social Media is how I survived. I downloaded TikTok during the pandemic, and it blew up… now most of my business is done through social media.”

His business’s growth prompted him to start looking for flexible workspaces where he would be able to craft, manufacture and ship his creations all from one place.

“I was doing trade shows and expanding, and there just wasn’t enough room. That’s when I started to look for office desks, WeWorks, and other options.”

The Solution

Although the haunted attraction industry is known as seasonal, a lot of work goes into preparation, making it a year-round affair.

“[People] always think October is the busiest time of the year; in reality, there are trade shows in March and orders coming in months before for everything they’ll be doing in October.”

Adrien’s slowest month is in January. He pivots to show preparation in February, exhibits in March, and uses the rest of the time before the Halloween season to prepare for special events orders.

While looking for warehouse spaces, finding somewhere with 24/7 access, and finding an area where he could manufacture his products and keep them safe were Adrien’s most significant factors. He was able to find this at ReadySpaces South Gate, where he joined as a member earlier this year.

The Result

During his time at ReadySpaces, Adrien has put more focus on refining his business operations. He was able to bring someone on to help, expanded into bodysuits and props, and now has his sights set on creating large-scale motion props and animatronics in the future.


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