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7 Questions To Ask While Looking For New Warehouse Space

If your business deals with physical products then you are most likely going to be leasing warehouse space at some point as your company grows. Either renting your own space or working with a logistics company, there are many different options, to best navigate these options you’ll need to figure out exactly what you need.

Discovering your exact business needs is an exercise that could save thousands in the long run by helping you avoid moving into a space that doesn’t suit your business. Be sure to do your due diligence; have an idea of the size, layout, surrounding area, and a budget to begin narrowing down your search for warehouse space.

Questions To Help Find The Best Warehouse Space For You

Once you have the basics down you’ll want to schedule a tour at the locations that have made your short-list. While touring facilities here are 7 essential questions to ask when deciding on a new warehouse space:

  1. What is the building zoned for? Might seem like a no-brainer but you’ll definitely want to confirm that the building is zoned for warehousing.
  2. What are the currently approved uses? If you need warehouse space but also do manufacturing in the same space then you’ll want to confirm approval with the landlord.
  3. Is there electrical power available? Confirm whether or not there is electrical power in the specific unit you’re looking into and what type of power it is. A unit may have power but you’ll want to confirm it matches your business needs. (For example, manufacturing you may need 3 phase vs. single phase power supply).
  4. What is the clear height for the warehouse? Square footage is important but the height will help you figure out exactly how much inventory you will be able to fit into your space.
  5. What type of loading docks are available? If you’re planning to receive deliveries or ship out via 18 wheeler trucks then you’ll need dock high loading docks. The most common are dock high (typically 48” and designed to accommodate multiple truck heights) and grade level (also known as ground level, allows the truck to pull directly up to the door without any ramps).
  6. How is the parking lot set-up? This is a multi-faceted question that can be very important depending business model. Parking lot questions to consider include; Any on-site parking available? Is the parking lot big enough for 18 wheelers to get in and out? Overnight parking available and any security associated with it?
  7. Is the warehouse set-up with a fire-suppression system? A warehouse will usually have either Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers (ESFR) or in-rack fire sprinklers. Confirm that your warehouse has a fire suppression system when touring and what type it is.

While there are a huge amount of things to take into consideration when finding a new warehouse space for your business, these first few questions should put you on the right track to finding warehouse space that will support your business.

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