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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure of anything or would like further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

What is the minimum term to rent space?

Typically, licenses start at a 3-month length and go month-to-month afterward (30-day minimum notice is required for move-out). Longer-term agreements are also available, likewise, sometimes we are able to accommodate shorter-term needs as well - please contact us.

What is not allowed in a ReadySpaces facility?

At most ReadySpaces facilities we do not allow the following: animals/livestock, auto repair, storage/working with harmful gases/fumes/chemicals, welding, woodworking and other uses that could potentially bother/cause harm to other members. While we don't allow welding or woodworking, we do have a few specialty units at certain ReadySpaces locations where we can accommodate these uses.

Can I rent both office & warehouse space?

Absolutely, we have warehouse and office space available in all facilities, and it’s very common to run business operations out of an office space and store inventory in a warehouse unit.

What type of businesses do you work with? Will my business be able to operate in your facility?

Learn more about the type of businesses that we work with.

How can I tell how much warehouse space I’ll need?

We recommend coming in and touring the spaces in person. For a general idea of how much space you might need take a look at our warehouse size guide.

What is the price per square foot of your warehouse space?

Our price per square foot varies depending on how much space you need, the specific facility, the features of each particular unit, and building occupancy. For the most accurate pricing information please call us or use the website live chat.

Is there on-site parking available? Is there long-term parking?

Yes, our locations all include on-site parking for daily use of our members. We also offer long-term vehicle parking at certain locations. For the most accurate availability information please call us or use the website live chat.

Will there be anyone on-site that can accept deliveries? Do I need to have someone on-site to accept deliveries for my business?

We have a mailroom service included with your rent for mail and parcels that do not require a signature, however, you will need to have someone from your business on-hand to sign for freight deliveries or packages requiring a signature. No one from the ReadySpaces team is authorized to sign or accept packages on your business’s behalf.

Do I need to pay for access to the forklifts and pallet jacks?

No, community use of ReadySpaces’ forklifts and pallet jacks is included at no extra charge. Note: Members must be forklift certified by a ReadySpaces manager in order to use on-site forklifts. We offer forklift certification courses at each location.

Do I need to pay to rent out a conference room for meetings?

No, community use of ReadySpaces’ conference rooms is included at no extra charge. Members will have access to conference room availability and reserve time using our Roomzilla software.
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