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Our Story

Innovative Warehousing, When your Business Needs the Right Space to Grow

ReadySpaces was founded in 2016 and has grown to 32 locations across the US & Canada. On our journey, we’ve also helped thousands of small businesses grow along the way by providing extensive value and short-term flexibility at an all-inclusive flat rate.

Our founding principle is being able to “graduate from your garage.” For a budding small business to be able to make that first step into a commercial space and instantly have access to WiFi, loading docks, forklifts (*certification required), conference rooms, and a kitchen on day one, no matter what size unit they are renting, is a pretty big deal.

ReadySpaces’ founding partners come from a long line of successful ventures; Jon Zimmerman is an experienced operator in the self-storage industry, and Kevin Petrovic has a proven track record of scaling start-ups.

We aim to be a partner to entrepreneurs & business owners everywhere by providing the ideal environment & infrastructure for your company to prosper.

We’ve gathered valuable resources for entrepreneurs looking to take the next step in starting their first business, The Loading Dock.

Stop looking for a job. Create one with ReadySpaces!

Our Mission

To empower small businesses to create, innovate and succeed by providing flexible, cost-effective warehousing space that scales with your business.

Jon Zimmerman, CEO of ReadySpaces

The Team

Jon Zimmerman / ReadySpaces CEO & Co-Founder

Jon Zimmerman

Founding Partner
Kevin Petrovic | ReadySpaces | CEO

Kevin Petrovic

CEO & Founding Partner
LyTia Blackmon ReadySpaces

LyTia Blackmon

General Counsel

Lonnie Fischer

Vice President of Accounting

Susan Crellin

Director of Accounting
Jennie Mull-Scotty | ReadySpaces | Director of Operations

Jennie Mull-Scotty

Director of Operations
Nick Gardiner | ReadySpaces | Director of Marketing

Nick Gardiner

Director of Marketing

Amy Rafieyan

Director of Business Development
Chris Dailey | ReadeySpaces | National Operations Manager

Chris Dailey

National Operations Manager

Thomas Redmond

Director of IT

Kathy Volkers

Training & Development Manager
Jenna Kausner | ReadySpaces | SoCal Regional Manager

Jenna Kausner

Regional Manager | Southern California
Shawn Love | ReadySpaces | East Regional Manager

Shawn Love

Regional Manager | East

Jacob Norris

Regional Manager | Northwest

Ryan Santini

Regional Manager | Northern California

Randy Tenorio

Regional Manager | South

What is Co-Warehousing?

ReadySpaces offers private small warehouse units and office spaces in a shared environment; with flexible leases, plenty of sizes, and a huge list of amenities.

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