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Farmers Branch

11410 Mathis Ave, Farmers Branch , TX 75234

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A long hallway with blue doors in a storage facility.
A long hallway in a Hayward storage facility.
An empty warehouse with a door and a blue door in Landover.
A large warehouse with a concrete floor.
A forklift is parked in a large warehouse.
A conference room with chairs and a tv.
An aerial view of a beige building with a blue trim and multiple parking spaces, including accessible parking spots, surrounded by trees.
Aerial view of a large industrial warehouse with multiple loading docks, surrounded by spacious parking areas, with a city skyline in the distant background.
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Rent Small Warehouse Spaces in Farmers Branch with ReadySpaces

ReadySpaces Farmers Branch, TX warehouse is just under 10 miles from the Dallas-Fort Worth International, serving as a major hub for cargo and logistics operations. We are also close to several major trucking routes connecting the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area to the rest of Texas and the US. This is the ideal location for your growing business to connect to the bustling logistics infrastructure the Dallas area has to offer.

Warehouse Space Sizes

2000 square foot warehouse space

Large Warehouse

~1500 - 5000 Square Feet

1200 square foot warehouse space

Medium Warehouse

~750 - 1500 Square Feet

750 square foot warehouse space

Small Warehouse

~300 - 750 Square Feet

500 square foot warehouse space

Mini Warehouse

~100 - 300 Square Feet


11410 Mathis Avenue, Farmers Branch, TX, USA
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  • Units From 250 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft.

    From small warehouse spaces starting at 250 square feet all to way up to large 5,000 square feet spaces.
  • Industrial Workspace

    Work directly out of your unit. From light manufacturing to packaging & assembly, and more. *No woodworking, auto-body, or welding allowed.
  • Flexible lease terms

    Unmatched flexibility. Traditional long-term warehouse leases can make it difficult to grow, with leases as short as 90 days you don't need to take on any additional risk.
  • Forklifts, Loading Docks, & Grade-Level Bays

    Logistics simplified. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and loading docks with grade-level/high-door access are standard, private-use docks available at select locations.
  • 120v Power (Higher Available) & Wifi

    All facilities include free Wi-Fi access in all areas, and most warehouse spaces include 120v power (higher available).
  • Insurance Required

    Due to our variety of allowable uses, we require you to obtain your own liability and property insurance to protect your business.
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring & Access

    You can find peace of mind knowing your warehouse is safe and accessible 24/7. We offer private, secure units, well-lit pathways, building access control, video surveillance, and visitor management.
  • Conference Rooms & Private Offices

    Have a comfortable place to meet with your clients. We also offer private office suites for an additional fee.
  • Entrepreneur Community

    Benefit from the spillover of experience and industries as part of the bustling community that is found at each ReadySpaces location.

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