Why ReadySpaces? | Understand the Benefits of Co-Warehousing

Your Business
Needs the Right
Space to Grow

ReadySpaces offers warehousing, industrial, and storage spaces between 250 sq. ft. and 5,000 sq. ft. These spaces are a notch above the ordinary. Our spaces are reconfigurable, secure, accessible 24/7, and well-maintained. We offer a variety of lease length to help provide the flexibility that we realize is key to your business. We look to support your business as it grows with ReadySpaces.

Our Approach

Creating a collaborative work environment for like-minded entrepreneurs.

Starting from our first location in San Francisco, we have expanded to major cities across the United States and Canada, including major economic hubs. With each new facility, we improve our offerings and benefits. We continue to grow and create an extensive network of properties that provides every business with flexible, feature-rich, and convenient workspaces.

ReadySpace Office

What We Offer

A woman is opening a box in a warehouse.


We are present across many major cities in the US and Canada. We cater to startups, medium-sized businesses, and select major corporations throughout the continent. ReadySpaces is one solution for your nationwide business.
A large warehouse with a lot of storage space.

Range of Unit Sizes

ReadySpaces offers an entire range of industrial workspaces from 250 sq. ft. units to generous 5,000 sq. ft. areas for larger operations. All units have available electrical power and offer a variety of office suites and parking options to complement your warehouse space.
A group of garage doors in front of a building.

Turn-Key Solutions

With ReadySpaces, you have access to loading docks, grade level doors, forklifts and pallet jacks. Select units have private loading doors. This level of access and flexibility is unprecedented in the industry so you can start working immediately and efficiently.
The inside of a large warehouse with shelves and racks.

Security Features

You can be assured that your equipment, materials, and inventory are safe. Your unit is private, secured, well-lit, and covered by 24/7 video surveillance. Our buildings feature visitor management and, in many cases, have fully fenced and secured lots.
Three men walking down a hallway in a storage facility.

Always Open

In the global economy, businesses work on the customer’s time. At ReadySpaces, we understand that, and we are always open for business. You get 24-hour access to the facility (at most locations) and can ship in or ship out inventory as you please.
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All our locations have Wi-Fi throughout the building, vehicle parking, private office suites and shared workspaces, community-use conference rooms, and kitchens.
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Become a part of a community of small businesses that can help you when you need it. Additionally, enjoy shared lounge, game, and kitchen areas in each of our facilities.
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Lowest Total Cost

Our prices are predictable, transparent, and all-inclusive. No more complex budgeting and planning utility usage and maintenance. Sharing these costs among the community enables the lowest possible cost for everyone.

Demo Warehouse Space

The ReadySpaces

Core Features Self Storage ReadySpaces Traditional
Forklift $$$
Pallet Jacks $
WiFi $$
Electricity $$$
Maintenance $
Office Space $$
Conference Room $$
Kitchen $$
Fast move-in
24/7 Access
No Long Term Lease
Small Units < 1,000 sf
Large Units > 1,000 sf
24/7 CCTV $$$
Keypad Access $$
Visitor Management $
Private, Secure Space
Cost Benefit ReadySpaces Traditional Warehousing
Base Rent (1,000 sf unit) $1,700* $1,200
CAMs Included $250
Electrical Included $250
Internet Included $100
Trash / Waste Included $200
Building Repairs Included $150
Forklift Rental Included $640
Extras Included ???
Total $1,700* $2,800
*Actual pricing may vary
A group of people sitting at desks in an office.

When you are ready, ReadySpaces has your space.

When you can seamlessly expand, you spend less time thinking and more time implementing. We push you to achieve your best potential by making it easier to do business.

Facility Tour
30 min

Facility tours last about 30 minutes. Please select your location.

Facility Tour
30 min

Facility tours last about 30 minutes. Please select your location.