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2700 Louis Henna Blvd, Suite 100, Round Rock , TX 78664

Austin, TX Coworking Industrial Space
Small Warehouse Space in Austin, TX
Austin, TX Large Warehouse Space
Loading Docks in Austin, TX
austin tx industrial workspace
Austin, TX Coworking Industrial Space
Small Warehouse Space in Austin, TX
Austin, TX Large Warehouse Space
Loading Docks in Austin, TX
austin tx industrial workspace

Round Rock Austin, TX Warehouse Space for Rent

Austin, TX has been a red hot market across the board for real estate. eCommerce and distribution demand has been key to the market’s growth, with Amazon’s perpetual growth as it snaps up industrial sites as soon as they become available. Tesla’s new gigafactory has also been a large addition to the industrial market in Austin over the past year. Join the likes of other tech giants and find a home for your business at ReadySpaces Austin.

2700 Louis Henna Boulevard suite 100, Round Rock, TX, USA
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ReadySpaces Features

Units From 250 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. ReadySpaces offers you an entire range of flex space. From small warehouse space starting at 250 square feet all to way up to large 5,000 square feet spaces for more established businesses.
Industrial Workspace Work directly out of your unit. ReadySpaces supports a wide range of different business uses in your warehouse space. Light manufacturing, packaging & assembly, and repair work can all be done from inside your space. No woodworking, auto body, or welding work allowed.
Flexible lease terms Traditional long-term leases are a risky commitment for modern businesses, who often need to scale their operations up or down to match market conditions. With short-term, flexible, leases, your business storage and warehousing just got easier.
Loading Docks & Grade Level Doors From 53’ trailers to small trucks, accept all of your deliveries with ease with loading docks and grade level doors accessible to all units. Select spaces have private-use loading docks or drive-in doors for higher volume operations.
Wi-Fi, Electrical Power, and Forklifts Each of our buildings has Wi-Fi accessible in all areas, and most warehouse spaces offer electrical power (120V and higher voltages). You also have free access to equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks. This enables you to move in and start working immediately.
Business Insurance Due to our variety of allowable uses, we require you to obtain your own liability and business property insurance to ensure your business is protected.
24/7/365 Video Surveillance When you are a ReadySpaces member, you can be assured of our high standards for security. We offer you private, secured, business storage and warehouse units along with well-lit pathways with full building access control, 24/7 high-end video surveillance, and visitor management.
Office Suites & Conference Rooms Apart from storage and warehouse spaces, we also offer private office suites. Put your office and warehouse space under one roof, and have a comfortable place to meet with your clients. We also have free conference rooms and break rooms for you and your team.
24/7 daily access In the global economy, businesses work on the customer’s time. At ReadySpaces, we understand that, and we are always open for business. You get 24-hour access to our business storage and warehouse facility which means you can work when it is convenient for your business.

Austin Community

We’re working on creating a collaborative work environment for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Austin. Fostering this community we’ve had the pleasure of seeing tenants collaborate with other tenants and even grow their businesses with clients from the ReadySpaces Austin community.

After all, great businesses don’t grow in a vacuum. They grow with the support of a broader community. ReadySpaces allows you to network with other entrepreneurs in our building.

Does your business meet with clients in person? If you want to make a professional impression, all ReadySpaces tenants have access to our shared conference rooms and the option to rent office spaces (*where available) in conjunction with a warehouse unit.

Security is a top priority for us. If you’re keeping equipment or inventory in our warehouse, rest assured it’s in good hands. We do our best to provide a secure environment for tenants while allowing them 24/7 access to their units.

At ReadySpaces we understand there’s a lot of uncertainty that goes into starting or expanding a business, so we offer flexible month-to-month leasing options. If you are unsure of anything, we recommend coming into our facility to discuss your needs with our location manager to ensure that we’re a good fit for you and your business.

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