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Startup Success Stories

Step into the vibrant world of ReadySpaces’ most inspiring members. Our case studies showcase the remarkable journeys of startups and small businesses that have transformed their visions into thriving realities right within our walls. From initial challenges to pivotal moments, learn how these enterprises leveraged the unique advantages of ReadySpaces to catalyze their growth. Each story is a testament to ambition, innovation, and the transformative power of the right environment. Be inspired by the successes that have unfolded; envision the next chapter of your own business story with ReadySpaces.

Case Studies

A woman standing in front of a red readyspace store.

Success Stories: Salacious Drinks: Where are they Now?

Salacious Drinks is an eCommerce water company based in Springfield, VA, offering premium, eclectic options for customers across the US.

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A man showcasing iThrive Medical products on a table full of items.

iThrive Medical Helping Those in need

iThriveMedical is a medical supply company founded in 2016 by Zach Burstein and occupies a ~400 Sq Ft unit at ReadySpaces Springfield.

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A warehouse for shipping and distribution with many boxes and chairs.

How ShipDif came out of the Pandemic in full swing

ShipDif is a Third Party Logistics company founded in September 2021 by entrepreneur Jordan Whiteley and corporate convert Jake Memmott.

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RideFrsh: The Story of the Flyest Air Fresheners on Earth

RideFrsh is a retail and wholesale Air Freshener company founded by Trey Brown and his brother Donovan in 2018.

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M&J Screen Printing inks their name as SoCal’s finest

Founded by Michael Katkov and his business partner Jacob in 2018, M&J Screen Printing is a full-service screen printing shop and design studio.

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Ginger’s Breadboys slings Cookie Kits all across America

Ginger’s Breadboys is an eCommerce company based in Springfield, VA, specializing in DIY Gingerbread House and Cookie Kits.

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Salacious Drinks scales with ReadySpaces

Salacious Drinks is an eCommerce water company based in Springfield, VA, offering premium, eclectic options for customers across the US.

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AM Apparel supplies a fresh take on style

AM Apparel is an e-tail fashion store founded by Audry Mushagalusa, a college student, fashionista, and entrepreneur from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Fools & Horses brings events to life

Mary and Robin Goodchild are co-founders of Fools & Horses, a hospitality business with a mobile cocktail bar focused on delivering premier, full-service experiences for private events in and around Southern California.

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Project Footwear is shaping the future of shoes

Project Footwear is a production and design studio founded in 2016 by Chris Ryan, a long-time footwear industry veteran and LA native, and is focused on creating the future of footwear.

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Inferno Effects finds a new home to grow their business

Inferno Effects is a company founded in 2014 by Adrien Noriega, a special effects artisan, and is focused on making hyper-realistic masks and other artifacts for the haunted attraction industry.

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Green Street Books Changing Perceptions on the Neurodiverse Workforce

Green Street Books is a non-profit organization focused on book collection and recycling co-founded by Edward Penrose.

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Feather Furniture

Feather Furniture Rental Expands into New Markets

Founded in 2009 by Jay Reno, Feather is a furniture rental company that is reimagining the way people furnish their living spaces.

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Isaac from MiniKatana

ReadySpaces Keeps Up With MiniKatana’s Rapid Growth

MiniKatana was founded by Isaac Medeiros and is a specialty eCommerce company focused on selling swords, letter openers, and other blades.

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Slime Fantasies Case Study

Slime Fantasies Growing with ReadySpaces

Slime Fantasies is a business started by Tina Turowski. They produce all of their slimes in-house and have grown considerably in the last year.

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