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Santa Clara

1185 Campbell Avenue, San Jose , CA 95126

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Cowarehousing in Santa Clara, CA

Silicon Valley is filled with entreprising ideas, and when rubber meets the road, your business will eventually need space. With ReadySpaces, members get 24/7 access to the facility, community loading docks, forklifts, building-wide WiFi, and more, all for a flat monthly rate. Our warehouse, storage, and office spaces are fully customizable, and members also enjoy flexible terms and fast move-ins. Schedule a tour today and come see what is possible for your business at ReadySpaces Santa Clara.

Warehouse Sizes

large warehouse thumbnail

Large Warehouse

~1500 - 5000 Square Feet

medium warehouse thumbnail

Medium Warehouse

~750 - 1500 Square Feet

small warehouse thumbnail

Small Warehouse

~300 - 750 Square Feet

extra small warehouse thumbnail

Extra Small Warehouse

~100 - 300 Square Feet


1185 Campbell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126, USA
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Local Area

  • Our Santa Clara warehouse is located between Interstate 880 and State Route 82
  • 3.6 miles from downtown San Jose
  • 0.8 miles from the Newhall & Park bus stop


  • Sizes Range From 200-5000 Sq. Ft.

    From small warehouse spaces starting at 250 square feet all to way up to large 5,000 square feet spaces for more established businesses.
  • Flexible Leasing

    Unmatched flexibility. Short-term leasing is key for a business that needs to scale quickly and can't be constrained by traditional longer-term leases.
  • Forklifts & Loading Docks

    Logistics simplified. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and loading docks with grade-level/high-door access are standard, private-use docks available at select locations.
  • Industrial Workspace

    Work directly out of your unit. From light manufacturing to packaging & assembly, and more. *No woodworking, auto-body, or welding allowed.
  • 120v Power (Higher Available) & Wifi

    All facilities include Wi-Fi access in all areas and most warehouse spaces include 120v power (higher available).
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring & Access

    You can find peace of mind knowing your warehouse is safe, and accessible 24/7. We offer private, secure units, well-lit pathways, building access control, video surveillance, and visitor management.
  • Business Insurance Required

    Due to our variety of allowable uses, we require you to obtain your own liability and business property insurance to protect your business.
  • Conference Rooms & Private Offices

    Have a comfortable place to meet with your clients with our conference rooms. We also offer private office suites for an additional fee.
  • Small Business Community

    Benefit from the spillover of experience as part of the bustling small business community that is found at each ReadySpaces location.

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Please fill out the contact form below and a message will be sent to this facility’s manager. Or, call us at (801) 810-2009.

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