Case Study: AM Apparel supplies a fresh take on style

AM Apparel supplies a fresh take on style

Audry Mushagalusa, owner of AM Apparel

What is AM Apparel?

AM Apparel is an e-tail fashion store founded by Audry Mushagalusa, a college student, fashionista, and entrepreneur from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now based in the US, he has been a member of our Houston | The Heights facility since February 2022 and uses the facility as his business’s headquarters, occupying an 820 Sq Ft space. After starting his business, it was a slow start until he launched a survey that skyrocketed his sales, which prompted him to take matters into his own hands.   

The Problem

Growing up in the DRC, Audry’s school friends would always ask him about his style. In the years that followed high school, Audry immigrated to Houston to pursue his college degree. After a few short months in the US, Audry leaned into his entrepreneurial spirit and started a photography business – then ultimately his e-tail fashion company, AM Apparel, which catered to those who wanted to diversify their personal style. 

“I was looking for a place where I can have different styles in one place and have it all under one roof.” 

It was a slow start, with AM Apparel pulling a total of $0 in sales in its first few months. Audry decided to figure out what was wrong, and after conducting a survey and offering gift cards to get feedback on what he should sell going forward, sales skyrocketed, which left him with his next problem, fulfillment. 

The Solution

When starting, Audry used a 3PL in China to drop-ship his orders to customers, which were few and far between. But after his survey brought in a surge of orders, working with his 3PL provider became more complicated, leading him to take matters into his own hands and find warehouse space. In February of this year (2022), Audry found ReadySpaces, and since then, he has had more control of his product distribution and logistics.

The Result

In addition to the HQ at ReadySpaces, Audry now manages a small logistics network that includes his 3PL in China and a few other warehouses across the country. Orders go out quicker, and customers get their orders faster, which Audry says has led to more recurring orders and higher customer satisfaction. 

Since AM Apparel started in 2020, Audry has curbed obstacles from all directions, including growing pains and COVID-related supply slowdowns. 

“Thankfully, when those things happen, we now have warehouses here [in the US] to carry on our business.” 

With the reigns firmly in his grasp, Audry plans to expand his footprint at ReadySpaces, and take his whole operation in-house relatively soon.  


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