M&J Screen Printing inks their name as SoCal’s finest

M&J Screen Printing inks their name as SoCal’s finest

An M&J Silk Screen

What is M&J Screen Printing?

Founded by Michael Katkov and his business partner Jacob in 2018, M&J Screen Printing is a full-service screen printing shop and design studio. They currently occupy a 1,250 Sq Ft space and a private office at ReadySpaces Anaheim. 

The Problem

M&J’s story is similar to many small business owners at our facilities. They started their business in their garage, and when they couldn’t fit there, they moved into their driveway under a pop-up tent and eventually outgrew that. They began to print for many local businesses, including ReadySpaces and clothing and apparel businesses. With their business growing fast, Michael and Jacob knew they had to find a more sustainable and permanent solution. Based in La Mirada, they were close to ReadySpaces Anaheim, decided to take a look, and signed up. 

M&J Screen Printed Tote Bag for Rosehill

The Solution

Initially, Michael and Jacob weren’t sure how moving into ReadySpaces would impact their business. They were looking for a more solid solution to their needs as their client list grew from local companies to clothing brands and others.  

“[We] printed for plenty of businesses in the facility. We weren’t sure how it would go as soon as we moved in, but we got business by people walking by.”  

Other members were interested, and M&J soon became the go-to print shop for other members in the facility.  

Additionally, they weathered the storm of the pandemic simply by their ability to stay open. With other print shops closing down due to high overheads and a lack of clients, M&J garnered more and more business.  

The Result

M&J originally moved into a 750 Sq Ft unit outfitted with a tank for their excess water. When they were ready, they grew into their current 1,250 Sq Ft unit and separated their production and administration space with a private office suite. They plan to continue bringing the best screen printing and design services to more businesses across Southern California.

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