Case Study: Salacious Drinks scales with ReadySpaces

Salacious Drinks scales with ReadySpaces

Ashley Epperson, owner of Salacious Drinks

What is Salacious Drinks?

Salacious Drinks is an eCommerce water company based in Springfield, VA, offering premium, eclectic options for customers across the US. Created by Ashley Epperson and her business partner RJ in 2016, they currently occupy a 1,250 Sq Ft unit and an office at ReadySpaces Springfield. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Ashley was still running the business out of her home when she had an unprecedented jump in sales and knew she had to figure out a warehousing solution to keep up with demand. 

The Problem

In 2016, Ashley met her business partner RJ and connected over a mutual interest in premium water. That’s when they started Salacious Drinks, intending to be the purveyor of domestic and international bottled waters. Before finding ReadySpaces, they had warehouse space in Maryland and ran the business out of their homes. When they experienced a significant jump in sales at the beginning of 2020, working with their warehouse provider became cumbersome, making delivery of their product difficult and customers reporting broken shipments.  

Salacious Drinks (Pre-ReadySpaces)

The Solution

Ashley originally toured ReadySpaces in 2019, but at that time, it wasn’t the right option for her business. A year later, in 2020, she knew her current operational structure wasn’t scalable, as she was losing customers due to a mix of shipping delays and communication issues with her Maryland warehouse solution. She toured ReadySpaces again and signed up for a 300 Sq Ft space the same day. 

“We grew tenfold during the pandemic, and the biggest consideration was does the cost justify the peace of mind that comes with it?” 

The Result

With sales jumping exponentially, Ashley quit her part-time job and dove into Salacious Drinks full-time. Ashley and RJ weren’t prepared for the level of growth that they had experienced so quickly. But with their business running out of ReadySpaces, they had the flexibility to adjust their business model while keeping overhead costs low.  

Six months after signing up, they sized up to a 650 Sq Ft space, then into a 1,250 Sq ft space with a private office suite six months after that. Since 2019, their yearly sales have grown from $30k to $249k and are projected to surpass $350k this year. Ashley and RJ are now looking to expand their team and product offering and are certainly making their mark as the go-to source for premium water.  

Interested in leveling up your water game? Check out Salacious Drinks here.


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