Feather Furniture Rental Expands into New Markets

Feather Furniture Rental Expands into New Markets

What is Feather?

Feather is a furniture rental company that is reimagining the way people furnish their living spaces. Founded in 2009 by Jay Reno, who was moving between cities multiple times a year, Feather’s aim is to bring the circular furniture model to cities around the US and World. 

The Problem

Feather uses ReadySpaces for some of their third-party logistics markets in the DC area and Texas, teaming up with current members in the facilities to operate smoothly and expand their presence.

“We use ReadySpaces because we wanted to reap the benefits of a much cheaper logistics cost and infrastructure but not owning all of those spaces. We have another partner that does the logistics, so they help us contract ReadySpaces for the physical space.”

The Solution

Without the bulky costs of owning a warehouse, or signing lengthy contracts, Feather was able to move into new areas and set up shop.

“ReadySpaces had allowed us to expand into new markets quickly, allowing us to grow and scale the business to be more profitable.”

The Result

Not only was Feather able to expand to new markets, but they were also uniquely positioned to provide furniture rentals during the uptick of moves happening which was brought upon by the pandemic.

“The pandemic grew our business as more people took advantage of remote jobs and moved to new places. We saw an uptick in need for a home office, furniture rental, and so on.”

Feather’s subscription model for furniture took off, and they were able to operate with more agility and position themselves as a leader in their category going forward.

To shop Feather’s products, head to https://livefeather.com/

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