Case Study: Fools & Horses brings events to life

Fools & Horses brings events to life

Mary Goodchild, owner of Fools & Horses

What is Fools & Horses?

Mary and Robin Goodchild are co-founders of Fools & Horses, a hospitality business with a mobile cocktail bar focused on delivering premier, full-service experiences for private events in and around Southern California. They have been members of our Downtown Los Angeles facility since 2018. They use the facility for long-term parking of their custom-built designed events trailer. Throughout the last few years, Mary has weathered a storm of uncertainty by the pandemic and has grown her business of bringing her clients’ visions to life.

The Problem

Mary has a long history in performing arts, both as a performer and on the financial side as an administrator. When she and her husband Robin were expecting their first child, Mary wanted to make a change in her career. 

“I was doing all these things but was unfulfilled… I wanted to blend my backgrounds, my knack for hospitality, and create experiences.”

Mary started in 2018 when she secured a long-term parking space at the Downtown LA facility, close to her house and a perfect find within her budget. Shortly after this happened, she faced her first setback due to medical issues. 

After she was healthy and ready to get to work, in March 2020, the pandemic completely halted the business for two years. During this time, Mary had no choice but to wait until it was safe to host small to midsize events again.

The Solution

Seemingly plagued with misfortune, Mary stayed dedicated to her vision. During the pandemic, she and Robin hunkered down and meticulously redesigned their classic camper to their exact specifications. From hammering the steel countertops by hand to selecting the right accessories and decorations, Mary thought of everything to ensure her clients could focus on hosting their guests.

Before & After of Mary's redesign.

The Result

After Mary and Robin redesigned their trailer, they started soft-launching their concept at smaller events, continuously refining their offering without sacrificing their high standards for their clients and their staff. 

“These are special moments that families and friends get to spend together. We want a benchmark of a high level of service, which is why we treat our bartenders and service people with the respect they deserve.”

As restrictions lift and people start to host events again, Fools & Horses continues to grow. Earlier this year, Mary was able to hire a beverage director, further expand her offering, and keep her focus on creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her clients.

Are you planning an event? Check out Fools & Horses here.

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