Case Study: Green Street Books Changing Perceptions

Green Street Books changes perceptions with ReadySpaces

What is Green Street Books?

Green Street Books is a non-profit organization focused on book collection and recycling co-founded by Edward Penrose. Known as a workplace for neurodiverse adults and an incubator for independent living, Green Street Books is focused on bringing down the staggering 87% unemployment rate by providing stable, enriching jobs.

Green Street Books has grown from a 900 Sq Ft space over the last few years and are currently a member at ReadySpaces San Jose and operates out of a 5,000 Sq Ft workspace.

The Problem

Edward’s organization is tackling two goals simultaneously, managing donations, which can vary greatly depending on the season, and changing the public’s perception of neurodiverse adults in the workplace. Before setting up his operation in our San Jose facility, Edward faced many challenges in the warehousing community, most of which were rooted in outdated public notions.

“The manager at San Jose made a huge impression on me before signing up; when I asked if having employees on the neurodiverse spectrum was going to be okay, without hesitation, ‘We’d love to have you.’”

Along with a warm welcome, flexibility was also a big issue for Green Street Books. The scale of the donations that make their way to the facility varies, so it was essential to Edward that he find a space that would accommodate his need to be able to load and unload goods quickly.

The Solution

As Green Street Books matured over a decade of operation, they were looking to expand and still have the flexibility they needed if donation amounts increased (or decreased). After seeing their options, they moved from their 900 Sq Ft workspace to 5,000 Sq Ft in ReadySpaces San Jose. Since their move, they have purchased a high-grade commercial packing machine, grew their team, and improved eCommerce capabilities. Their unit also features a private loading dock, making it easier for them to ship out or receive books en masse quickly.

The Result

Edward and the Green Street Books team have expanded their product offering and refined their operation throughout their time at the facility. They are now looking to double the size of their 11-person team and start developing their organization in other locales in the United States in the long term.

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