Case Study: How ShipDif came out of the Pandemic in full swing.

How ShipDif came out of the Pandemic in full swing.

ShipDif's space at ReadySpaces Portland

What is ShipDif?

ShipDif is a Third Party Logistics company founded in September 2021 by serial entrepreneur Jordan Whiteley and logistics-focused corporate convert Jake Memmott. They currently occupy a 4,000 Square Foot unit and office space at our Portland facility.

The business started when one of Jordan’s previous businesses, Chefable, saw an 80% decrease in sales due to the pandemic. During this time, he noticed the pandemic’s eCommerce boom, precisely the number of brands popping up seemingly overnight, and had an idea to prep sellers’ items for Amazon’s store. Starting under the name AMZNorthwest, Jordan brought on Jake, who has a background in 3PL and Logistics.

From there, the two got an investment together and moved into a 1,000 Square Foot facility in Hillsborough, about 30 minutes outside Portland.

The Problem

The 1,000 Square Foot HQ initially worked for Jordan and Jake, although they were growing fast and knew they needed more space. That’s when they discovered ReadySpaces and were intrigued by more space without a long-term contract.

“ReadySpaces was super appealing with the fact that it was month-to-month, no long-term commitment, the ability to scale up…we grew out of the 1,000 Sq Ft in a matter of months, and couldn’t go get a 10,000 Sq Ft warehouse just yet… ReadySpaces gave us the ability to see how fast we were going to be growing.” – Jake Memmott.

They started at ReadySpaces with a 3,000 Sq Ft unit and have scaled up and down according to their business needs since then.

ShipDif's original space in Hillsborough

The Solution

After starting with 3,000 Square Feet, they quickly moved up to 5,000 and even 7,500 Square Feet at one point to keep up with demand while ironing out their operations and making their processes more efficient.

“ReadySpaces is a great area if you’re a new business in a new sector… it’s also a good place to learn about your failures… A lot of small businesses may not want to admit that, but you do fail sometimes, and you can take away services that just don’t work” – Jordan Whiteley.

With the flexibility at their disposal, Jordan and Jake continued to get their offering and processes positioned correctly for their customers without the added stressors of paying the exorbitant fees associated with traditional warehousing.

The Result

Since moving into ReadySpaces, Jake, and Jordan have been able to focus on growth in an executive capacity. Their footprint has decreased, and product generally moves in and out quicker, leaving more of their budget available for other business needs. They’ve also connected with other businesses to provide their service to the facility.

Now, they’re honed in on growing their client base, hiring more team members, and eventually moving onward and upward into their own complete warehouse.

Are you a seller or reseller on Amazon or elsewhere? Get in touch with Jordan and Jake directly at

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