Startup Stories: iThrive Medical Helping Those in need

iThrive Medical Helping Those in need

iThrive Medical's founder Zach Burstein

What is iThrive Medical?

iThriveMedical is a medical supply company founded in 2016 by Zach Burstein and occupies a ~400 Sq Ft unit at ReadySpaces Springfield. During the Afghanistan War, Zach Burstein carried trauma kits in combat zones and, upon returning to DC, started iThriveMedical when demand increased for civilian medical trauma response (bleeding-control) kits. Since March of 2022, Zach has been a member at ReadySpaces Springfield, using his space to prepare, pack, and ship his medical supply kits to his customers. 

As of now, there are two types of trauma kits. A “Stop The Bleed” kit is an easy-to-use bleeding control kit designed for hospitals, churches, schools, and other civic groups nationwide. It includes gloves, scissors, individually packaged, specialized bandages, and tourniquets to stop bleeding in different body areas. The second kit was developed last year, and includes everything from the domestic kit and is designed for use in combat zones. 

The Problem

iThriveMedical focused initially on making bleeding-control preparedness kits for schools and religious organizations after the demand for these kits increased over the last decade. 

A few years later, in 2022, Zach started to receive requests for his bleeding-control kits to aid victims in the War in Ukraine. Demand multiplied quickly, meaning he needed to find a way to fulfill larger purchase orders and, ultimately, get critical supplies to people in need. Determined to find a solution, Zach started looking around his area for dedicated space to operate and grow his business. 

The Solution

Zach found ReadySpaces in 2022, moved into the Springfield facility, and hit the ground running. Zach was able to secure larger purchase orders, scale up, and have space to assemble and palletize his product for his customers, as well as scale his warehouse footprint based on demand. As of most recently, Zach focuses on fulfilling orders one at a time for schools and religious organizations and many foreign contracts to aid Ukrainian Civilians and Defense Forces. 

iThrive Medical Kits ready for shipping to Ukraine.

The Result

With contracts and a dedicated space to fulfill orders, Zach is focused on growing iThriveMedical organically. Although still primarily a one-man operation, Zach often works with Veterans and Military Families, providing jobs to those who have served in his community. Zach is currently focused on his initial goal of providing tourniquets and trauma supplies to help organizations, communities, and schools stay prepared for the unthinkable – and is looking into expanding his product offering into pharmaceuticals down the line. 



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