ReadySpaces Keeps Up With MiniKatana's Rapid Growth

ReadySpaces keeps up with MiniKatana

What is MiniKatana?

MiniKatana was founded by Isaac Medeiros, and is a specialty eCommerce company focused on selling swords, letter openers, and other blades. They operate out of our Los Angeles Downtown facility and have found a sustainable home for their company since opening for business in late 2020.

The Problem

Isaac’s business saw rapid growth during the pandemic, quickly growing out of his apartment, then a self-storage unit. He needed to find a suitable solution to keep up with his business.

“I needed a bigger space due to the increase in demand, but the spaces/self storages I found needed a deposit and getting a loan from a bank wasn’t an option because banks don’t usually help small businesses like mine.”

Isaac wasn’t sure where to go, however, he did know that he needed space that was flexible, to give him the ability to pivot if and when needed.

Isaac's Apartment (Pre-ReadySpaces)

The Solution

While under time constraints, Isaac continued his search for flexible space.

“I found the ReadySpaces [LA Downtown] location because I needed something fast & affordable. We recently outgrew our space, and ReadySpaces provided immediate access to another space.”

After securing his unit, Isaac immediately began taking advantage of the ReadySpaces community as well.

“When I first moved my warehousing to ReadySpaces, I knew very little about the logistical side of shipments and fulfilling orders, but the other business owners in ReadySpaces were extremely helpful in getting me up-to-speed.”

Additionally, MiniKatana was able to secure funding through the relationships Isaac cultivated at the facility.

“I actually found a new investor who is interested in providing a large amount of funding via the ReadySpaces network.”

The Result

“The ROI in ReadySpaces is fantastic. We have made $2M in revenue for 2021 out of a 1K sq-ft alone.”

Since starting his business in the middle of the pandemic, Isaac was able to grow MiniKatana’s social media and operation considerably and had peace of mind knowing that his space would be able to grow with his operation.


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