Case Study: The Story of the Flyest Air Fresheners on Earth

The Story of the Flyest Air Fresheners on Earth

Founders Donovan (Left) and his brother Trey Brown during their Shark Tank pitch.

What is RideFrsh?

RideFrsh is a retail and wholesale Air Freshener company founded by Trey Brown and his brother Donovan in 2018. Since July 2022, they have been based out of our South Gate facility in Los Angeles and occupy a warehouse unit and office space. After noticing little trees hanging in cars almost everywhere, Trey had the idea to modernize the old-fashioned air freshener industry. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, partnering with big box retailers like AutoZone, as well as striking a deal with Shark Investor Barbara Corcoran.

The Problem

RideFrsh found success early during the pandemic as a D2C brand. Order volumes soared; however, this posed another problem, managing their inventory and shipments.

“It was a double-edged sword. Our business went crazy with orders, but getting products from China [became more complicated]. It made us smarter and aware of things like the Chinese Holiday Calendar, which affected how we ordered our products.”

Additionally, amid their growth phase as a D2C company, RideFrsh, among many other businesses, was affected by Apple’s privacy changes that made it difficult for companies using social media to deliver personalized ads. As a response, they pivoted their product and positioned it to retail and partnerships with companies like Paramount and others.

RideFrsh's various scents

The Solution

Trey and RideFrsh went head first into their partnership and retail strategy and succeeded, getting their product into Big Box Retailers like Target and AutoZone. However, this was still short of their north star objective, which was to revolutionize the air freshener industry. After securing their initial partnerships, the team pitched their business to investors on NBC’s Shark Tank, where they secured an investment with Barbara Corcoran. 2022 was an eventful year for RideFrsh, not only with business growth but also with publicity. All within a few months, Trey and Co. thrust themselves into the next step of their business.

“I think ReadySpaces have made things easier in general. We don’t need a huge warehouse. We don’t need to do that because our business doesn’t require it.”

They signed onto ReadySpaces South Gate in the middle of the summer and were well equipped to handle the sales increase that would come when their episode of Shark Tank aired in November, the middle of the holiday season.

The Result

Armed with initial success in their retail partnerships, a sizable investment, and a base of operations, Trey and Co. are focused on expanding and operating more efficiently. While scaling, they can also soak up knowledge from other business owners in the facility.
“We have the space and ability to talk to others within that space – community and trading skills are important.”
With scaling at the forefront and pieces in place, RideFrsh aims to bring on more retail partners and ultimately “become the Pepsi to Little Tree’s Coke.”

Need some freshness in your life? Check out RideFrsh here:

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